Courses by Subject

Accounting (ACC)

Aviation (AER)

Agriculture and Animal Science (AGR)

Allied Health Sciences (AHS)

Architectural Engineering Technology (ARE)

Atmospheric Sciences (ATM)

Automotive (ATT)

Biological Sciences (BIO)

Business (BUS)

Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology (CET)

Chemistry (CHE)

Computer (CIS)

Construction (CPM)

Dental Hygiene (DHY)

Diesel (DSL)

Economics (ECO)

Education (EDU)

Electromechanical Engineering Technology (ELM)

Electrical Engineering Technology (ELT)

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

English (ENG)

Equine Studies (EQS)

Fire Science (FSC)

Ground Transportation Services (GTS)

History (HIS)

Humanities (HUM)

Interdisciplinary (INT)

Landscape Contracting (LAH)

Mathematics (MAT)

Mechanical Engineering Technology (MEC)

Music (MUS)

Nursing (NUR)

Philosophy (PHI)

Physics (PHY)

Political Science (POS)

Psychology (PSY)

Radiologic Science (RAD)

Respiratory Therapy (RSP)

Sociology (SOC)

Social Science (SSC)

Veterinary (VET)

Special Topics (XXX)