High School Students

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Are you ready for a school that moves your life forward now rather than later? There are ways to start gaining college credits and experience while you’re still in high school. Nothing says “college-ready” on a college application like a Vermont Tech transcript.

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At Vermont Tech, students learn by doing.

You build on exceptional classroom instruction through hands-on, subject-specific experience at unique facilities such as our on-site renewable energy lab, greenhouse, flight simulators and airplanes, nursing simulation labs, our state-of-the-art dental clinic, and more. It’s everything you need to get the experience you want. Have a question? Feel free to request more information and join our mailing list.

Vermont Academy of Science & Technology

Your last year of high school could be your first year of college…tuition free!

If you’re a motivated high school student ready to experience an early college program in a safe and secure setting, consider VAST: The Vermont Academy of Science and Technology. VAST is an independent, accredited high school exclusively for high school seniors. At VAST, students receive a high school diploma and complete a year of college at the same time.

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