Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Students from Vermont Tech's Multicultural Club pose for a group photo

We at Vermont Tech are committed to developing, supporting, and enhancing diversity, equity and inclusion for all members of our community.

Vermont Tech students lined up for a photo at a Student Life event, Randolph Center campus, smiling

We are grounded in our commitment to create and maintain learning and working environments that welcome diverse identities, voices and lived experiences. We encourage dialogue with the intent to lift up those with historically marginalized voices in our community and those with diverse and intersectional individual and social identities (e.g., age, class, disability, ethnicity, sex, gender, language, marital status, national origin, religion, sexual orientation and veteran status).  It is this learning and dialogues with one another that are essential to foster a sense of belonging and wellbeing for us all.

We continually offer a wide range of opportunities for administrators, faculty, students and staff to develop a greater appreciation, respect and capacity to understand our interconnected and complex community. This work cannot be done by attending one program, reading one article, or attending one lecture. It is an on-going commitment to grow, learn, and reflect on how each and every one of us is responsible for developing and sustaining an inclusive and equitable community. Please see below for specific ways you can engage and learn.

At Vermont Tech we are the “builders,” the “innovators,” and the “doers.”  Together we can take those same Vermont Tech values and build a more equitable, just, and inclusive community.


Each month we will highlight learning opportunities, events, speakers and Heritage Month information. We will also highlight student, faculty and staff who are supporting our efforts to make Vermont Tech a more equitably and inclusive community.

Stay tuned for additional information and our first newsletter.

In the meantime, contact us!
Old Dorm building, Randolph Center campus