Free Tuition Scholarship

Update: July 16, 2021

Due to response volume paired with limited funds, the Critical Occupations Free Tuition Program awarding is paused for Vermont Tech, Castleton University, and Northern Vermont University, with the exception of our Paramedicine Certificate. Students admitted prior to this date are being awarded with existing funds. Your continued interest is encouraged, as we work to secure additional funding. Please stay tuned. The Community College of Vermont is still offering the Critical Occupations Free Tuition Program. Students at all institutions can still take advantage of the opportunities offered with the Green Mountain Grad program, the 802 Opportunity Program, the Welcome Home Scholarship, and the Degree Completion Scholarship.

State Funded Scholarships

This scholarship is designed as free tuition for specific programs identified as “Critical Occupations” by the Vermont State Legislature. The list includes programs on the McClure Foundation’s “Best Bet” list and others identified as essential to the state’s future workforce needs. For Vermont Tech, the list of covered programs includes:

In addition, programs offered by Continuing Education and Workforce Development are included in this scholarship initiative for the Electrical and Plumbing Apprenticeships.

This scholarship is part of the state-funded Critical Occupations Scholarships and covers last-dollar tuition, meaning any remaining tuition owed after institutional, state and federal gift aid is applied. Combined aid may not exceed the student’s total cost of tuition, fees, institutional room and board (or budgeted living allowance if living off campus), and an allowance for books.


Applicants must:

  • Be newly accepted or currently enrolled a one of the above-listed Critical Occupation degree or certificate program.
  • Meet Vermont residency requirements per Policy 301.

Application Details

Students must apply and be accepted to the college and complete a FAFSA form, or currently enrolled in one of the identified programs. Accepted applicants and current students that meet the above requirements will be automatically considered for this scholarship.