All Things Vermont

22 May 2017

An international student has a passion for art and wanted to do something special to honor her time in Vermont.
You may remember a very special event in March; Senator Bernie Sanders visited the Vermont Tech Randolph Center campus to deliver a stump speech to students and community members.  After hearing questions from his constituents, Bernie took time to take some pictures where he met Shana Linwood-McLaughlin. Shana, with the help of her friend and former classmate Kara Bazile, has created a beautiful collage that includes all things Vermont.

“We decided to combine our skills and make a new piece of art together.”

The piece was started a year ago for the art portion of a local festival. That particular art show was canceled and while Shana and Kara were disappointed, they resolved to complete the painting and donate it. When Shana heard that Bernie was coming to campus, her passion was sparked again.

“I was so motivated because ‘it’s Bernie!’ and I really wanted his signature.” said Shana.
She wasn’t about to show the former presidential candidate a half-finished painting so she buckled down and for a week and a half worked only on her art.

“During the process, I get frustrated, angry, or feel like quitting. But I never do because I really want to see the outcome. I want things to look perfect.”

The piece is called “All Things Vermont” and as the name implies, is a collage of many of the things that make Vermont unique. Shana reached out to friends for ideas and got some amazing feedback.

Objects included in the painting:

  • The I-89 Whale Tails
  • Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream
  • Apple Cider Press
  • Maple syrup
  • The State House
  • A Morgan horse (Vermont’s state horse)
  • A red clover (Vermont’s state flower)
  • Cows!
  • And of course the Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders

Can you spot any more Vermont symbols?


“I felt proud for Vermont to have someone from their own state running for president and trying to make this country a better place. Including Bernie in the painting was an honor and a must.”

Bernie loved the painting, and was all smiles when asking ‘Who’s the old guy in the middle with the white hair?’

Shana Linwood-McLaughlin is a stand-out Vermont Tech student. This past year she has won several athletic and academic awards. She volunteers for school events and is active on campus. Shana graduated with her Bachelor’s in Architectural Engineering Technology on May 20th, 2017, her painting was on display during the ceremony. She has also donated her artwork to Vermont Tech and it will remain on display in the Hartness Library.