Must Love Pets

02 May 2017

Pets are more than just animals, they’re family. A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology provided evidence linking pet ownership with reduced loneliness and increased exercise level. Caring for pets is a $45 billion a year industry, and our vet techs are training to bring home the Beggin’ Strips.

Vermont Tech’s Veterinary Technology program is accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). Our students get experience working on all kinds of animals including; cats, dogs, horses, cattle, small ruminants, rodents, birds and even reptiles. Professor Craig Stalnaker goes the extra mile by volunteering his own pets, a snake named Snavely and tortoise named Rocky, for radiography practice.

Veterinary Technicians provide an essential link between pets, pet parents, and the veterinarian. Our graduates have received jobs in veterinary laboratories, pharmacies, surgical facilities, zoos, research companies, and more.

The vet lab, which lives in Morrill Hall on the Randolph Center campus, is able to house up to seven dogs and ten cats at a time. Across the street at the Vermont Tech Farmstead live a handful of horses and some cattle that are provided by instructors or local contacts.  Smaller animals, such as birds, fowl, and rodents rotate in and out of the program so our students get a wide range of veterinary practice.

“While some students may not be crazy about all species I think most would agree that they are better off for the experience and at the very least an exposure to the many facets of our profession.” Says Jill Chapleau our Veterinary Lab Technician.

Vet Tech students are responsible for all the basic care of the animals housed by the program. Over the course of the 2-year degree, the students learn all the essential skills that they will need to be veterinary technicians. This includes everything from basic physical exams, the collection, and running of laboratory specimens, dental cleanings, and radiographs. By graduation, our students have experienced over 300 AVMA required procedures.

Cats and dogs are provided to Vermont Tech by Potter’s Angel Rescue of Randolph. At the end of each semester, our students and staff work hard to get the animals into foster or forever homes. If you need some extra love in your life, please consider adopting or fostering one of these amazing animals. Contact Potter’s for more information. We are happy to say that as the Spring 2017 semester winds down, all of the animals in our care have found permanent and temporary homes.

An orange and white shorthairThis black cat is full of sass! Roxie is a sweet black and white dog with a long snout. Ranger is a medium sized mixed breed with short yellow fur.