Vermont State Colleges Students Eligible for New Scholarships

16 Jul 2021

Today, the Vermont State Colleges System Board Chair, Chancellor, and Presidents held a press conference to announce the new legislation that creates several scholarship programs for Vermonters. Thanks to the Legislature and Governor, Vermont is funding several incredible opportunities for high school graduates and adult learners at the Vermont State Colleges this year. We are grateful, especially to the Legislature, for their prioritization of higher and continuing education and workforce development in their strategy for allocation of the federal American Rescue Plan Act funds.

These scholarships total a $15 million investment in Vermont students. This helps address the affordability of public higher education. We are thrilled that our students are reaping the rewards of this tremendous opportunity this year.

The new scholarship initiatives are

  • Welcome Home / Transfer Scholarship – for Vermonters who were attending an out-of-state college or who exited a VSC institution in 2020-2021.
    • This scholarship award is up to $5,000 for full-time students and $3,000 for part-time students per year to cover tuition, room and board, and fees.
  • Degree Completion Scholarship – for Vermonters who have earned at least 40 college credits and have a gap in their education of at least two years.
    • This scholarship is a ‘last-dollar’ scholarship, meaning it covers any remaining balance after all state and federal gift aid is applied.
  • Free Tuition Scholarship – for students entering or returning to programs identified as ‘Critical Occupations’ in the legislation, including healthcare programs and the McClure Best Bet programs.
    • This scholarship is a ‘last-dollar’ scholarship, meaning it covers any remaining balance after all state and federal gift aid is applied.
    • July 16, 2021: Due to response volume paired with limited State funding, this program’s awarding is paused at Vermont Tech, Castleton University, and Northern Vermont University, with the exception of our Paramedicine Program. Students admitted prior to this date are being awarded existing funds. Your continued interest is encouraged, while we work to secure additional funding. Please stay tuned. Scholarship programs above and the VSAC scholarships are unaffected by this pause.

VSAC also joined the press conference to present their state-funded initiative that also apply to students interested in taking a course tuition-free at one of the Vermont State Colleges System institutions: Green Mountain Grad and 802 Opportunity Grant. These programs are both provided by VSAC.

The press conference streaming archive is available on the VSC YouTube channel.