Michael Forrest

Michael started out at Vermont Tech as a transfer student. Right out of high school he went to Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) for two years and realized with financial constraints he could no longer attend. Knowing a few friends that were at Vermont Tech and wanted to stay local, Michael came to Vermont Tech and transferred credits from Robotic Engineering to VTC’s Electromechanical Engineering program. He graduated in 2013 with his Associates in Electrical Engineering Technology and his Bachelor’s in Electromechanical Engineering Technology.

Michael shared, “I had a really great experience at Vermont Tech. I became a Residential Assistant (RA) and lived in Morey for the majority of it. I met a lot of interesting people and was in a lot of clubs like Radio Club, and was involved with Indoor Volleyball Club held in the SHAPE gym. I helped with hosting events especially, as an RA and now, I still talk with a good 30 people that I graduated with.” (Learn more about Student Life at Vermont Tech). He enjoyed his education at Vermont Tech and noted, “My class sizes at WPI were over 100 people in a class. I came to Vermont Tech with 20 people in a class and got more one and one time with professors – I took advantage of that too; being able to talk to my physics professor about a problem made a huge difference.”

Now, Michael works at Fujifilm Dimatix, Inc. as an Equipment Maintenance Manager. Celebrating 9 years of working there, Michael first started as an Assistance Engineer and now started working for the group that he now manages! In his position he explained, “We basically upkeep, maintain, work on maintenance and upgrade equipment that runs production lines. We sell products all over the world, we print on about any surface that you can think of, and there are lots of different markets that we’re involved in.”

His advice to current and potential students is, “Keep your options open as far as things that you are allowing to be a part of your life and things that you’re from stopping to be a part of your life.” He further explained, “there are a lot of opportunities that you might not expect to have an influence over your career, but saying yes to a few simple things like joining a volleyball or music group, turns out that a lot of that stuff later in life, when you’re starting a career, helps you meet all sort of people and make connections. And it’s those connections that can bring you really far. That’s kind of how I got into Fujifilm, and I’ve met a lot of individuals on the way, that have helped us in all sorts of different ways to better the company.”

Michael attended the 2022 October Career Fair to recruit Vermont Tech graduates like himself to join him and his company! (You can find more at Career Services).

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