Kate Morrison

When she graduated from high school, Kate Morrison went to nursing school for 3 years before deciding it was not what she really wanted to do. She knew she loved patient care, so she became a medical assistant. She married and now has a 6-year-old son, Chase and a 3-year-old daughter, Harper. After 7 years she wanted a career that provided more for her family. She remembers the day she decided to check out Vermont Tech’s Respiratory Therapy program.

“I ran into an old friend at the grocery store and she was telling me about how she graduated from Vermont Tech’s Respiratory Therapy program,” Kate recalls. “She told me how you might as well be on roller skates to do the work – it’s fast-paced and you work all over the hospital.”

Kate was intrigued by the idea of working in the intensive care units, on the medical floors, and in the emergency department.

Kate thought that sounded like an exciting career, so she applied and was accepted into Vermont Tech’s program.

With more life experience and a drive and determination unlike ever before, Kate has found college easier and more rewarding this time around. She says that she has a greater focus than she did when she was younger and she knows what she wants. The challenges and triumphs are worth all the late nights and early mornings.

Kate finds the Respiratory Therapy program’s small size means that everyone knows everyone in class. She appreciates how they are all in it together, and working toward the same goals. The program is designed to build strong teamwork skills because teamwork is a very important skill to have when working in the field with physicians and nurses.

The program also has a terrific director, Faye Tolar, who is a great role model, Kate says. “She’s always there and available, and she’s easy to connect with.”

Kate was able to find a full-time job at University of Vermont Medical Center prior to graduation. “Vermont Tech’s program is well-respected,” she explains, “we have spent a lot of clinical hours in the local hospitals and this has helped me to secure a job after graduation.”

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