Kara Polito

When she was three years old, Kara was playing Vet when she heard her pets heartbeat for the first time and was fascinated. That’s the moment she knew she wanted to work with animals. She’s already on her way, Kara recently graduated from the Veterinary Technology Program. Before she even graduated, Kara accepted a position at Purdue University to be a Bovine Ambulatory Veterinary Technician, but her path was not always clear.

Kara has been considered independent since the age of 14, and spent some time in the foster system. Despite these challenges, she emerged as a strong adult, determined to succeed. She recognizes her good fortune, and that all too often, other females with similar backgrounds don’t get the opportunity to go to college.

“I got to school and into my first apartment all by myself.” Said Kara “It’s not easy to get into this industry, but my advice is to put your mind to it, try new things and take every opportunity.”

Kara is a TRIO participant and was recently awarded the first place TRIO scholarship. She is the first Vermont Tech student to receive this honor.

“I am really grateful for the opportunity, without TRIO I wouldn’t have become so passionate about the agricultural field. My life changed the day I learned to milk. I recommend to everyone that can that they utilize TRIOs services.”

The Vet Tech program offers students hands-on experience with all kinds of animals; mostly cats and dogs, but also reptiles, small mammals, and large ungulates. Kara’s TRIO mentor introduced her to milking at the Vermont Tech farm. She had never worked with cows before but she recognized it instantly as a perfect match. She has been back to milk several times during school breaks.

“Yeah, some days I don’t want to study, but I work hard anyway because I know how fortunate I am to have this opportunity. Animal Diseases was the hardest course involving microbiology. We grew microbes in dishes and identified different strains. It forced me to challenge myself.”

When things got tough for Kara, she turned to her teachers.

“My professors and the lab techs have been a huge support, I look up to all of them.”

Kara also works closely with Potter’s Angel Rescue, the animal shelter that provides the Vet Tech program with patients. She photographs animals available for adoption and posts to social media to help find their forever homes.

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