Darian Calverley

At Vermont Tech, Darian Calverley found a place where he belongs. After graduating from high school in Attleboro, Mass., “I was looking for a college that was smaller in the number of students, and Vermont Tech was a good choice,” he says. ”I don’t feel like I am lost in a crowd. I wanted a school where classes were small, thus allowing the teacher to help me when I needed help.”

Darian was well-known around campus because he is very involved in activities. He was an RA on campus and president of the American Institute of Architecture Students. He also played as a goalie on the Vermont Tech, a position for which he always wore pink. During a critical game against a rival school, Darian helped Vermont Tech secure a spot in the playoffs by punting the ball all the way down the field for a game-tying assist. It’s one of his fondest memories from his time in college.

Darian explored his career options at the job fairs held once a semester. “The job fairs were a big help, they provided me with a wide range of opportunities and different jobs that I would be able to apply for.”

While he was applying for jobs, Darian noticed that sometimes the managers or even his interviewers were Vermont Tech Alumni. “They knew that the graduates have what it takes for those positions and that graduates get the right learning experience.”

Darian had a smooth transition from a college student, to graduate, to an employee. “It gave me the confidence in my abilities so that I could accomplish the tasks that were given to me.”

Darian’s hard work paid off and prepared him well for his new position as a designer at Vermont Timber Frames. “Vermont Tech provided all the resources I needed to pass my classes but, more importantly, for a good career in my field.”

Darian loves his new career. His supportive coworkers make him feel welcome and the work is satisfying. “I loved my time at the college and wish I could re-live some of the better moments here at Vermont Tech.”

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  • School

    Engineering and Computing

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  • Hometown

    Attleboro, MA