Brittany Haymon

Brittany Haymon is a Springfield native. She had her first child at a young age, but her family is close and continues to support her goals. “My parents are helpful, I am grateful for them, especially my father.”

Brittany heard about the Certified Production Technician course from SWFI through her connections at Reach Up. The fliers around her community also encouraged her to apply.

At first, Brittany didn’t know what the course would entail. Now that she is enrolled, she is doing well. “I’m learning more about what [manufacturing] is all about.”

The first in a series of four classes is all about Safety. Brittany says, “We have gone over Personal Protective Equipment, tool safety. Next semester we’re going into quality.”

The instructor is very supportive. “I love her she’s an awesome teacher.” Said Brittany. “It’s a great program, the instructor wants to make sure you pass.”

Although the topics are serious, the class has a relaxed atmosphere. “We meet once a week, sometimes have a guest speaker, like the Fire Marshall. He showed us first aid and fire suppression. It’s all related to safety on the job. I learned a lot from him.”
Because her children are in school, Brittany didn’t need to use the Childcare Coordinator. But another Resource Coordinator was very helpful. Brittany said, “Connie, helped me get a laptop, which is needed for this class. There has been a lot of support from all ends.”

Brittany received her LNA when she graduated high school, but had to leave the home care business to care for a family member. “Hopefully I can get this (certification) and get back to work.”
Being back in a classroom took some adjusting, but Brittany has risen to the challenge.