Landscape Students Beautify Campus

01 Nov 2017

Students in the Vermont Tech Landscape Design and Sustainable Horticulture program recently completed a beautiful campus upgrade. The class worked together with professionals from Techo-Bloc, Northern Nurseries, and Trowel Trades Supply to create a new stone sitting area that everyone can enjoy.

This project gave students an opportunity to participate in a landscape project that is similar to what they might encounter on a job site. They were instructed by industry leaders on how to create, design, and document their work. With the help of the documentation step, these students can now add this tangible experience to their work portfolios, increasing their chances of career success.

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The sitting area between Conant Hall and Parking Lot D was initially very bare. After raking in a base aggregate the pavers were set on a foundation of bedding stone. The pavers and all necessary tools were donated by Techo-Bloc, based in Quebec. Techo-Bloc generously donated 85 square feet of permeable pavers. Permeable pavers resemble traditional cobblestone but they allow for the infiltration of liquids. This state-of-the-art green technology helps manage surface runoff, which can lead to erosion if not dealt with. In this particular case, the pavers will help disperse local puddles after rainstorms or thaws.

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Landscape Department chair, Marlys Eddy, was thrilled with the transformation. In an email, she stated, “On behalf of Vermont Technical College and the School’s Landscape Design and Sustainable Horticulture program, I want to add my thanks for Techo-Bloc’s generous contribution to our landscape construction class and to the Vermont Tech campus paving project… thank you not just for your commitment of resources and time but for what you’ve done for our students.  We are all very grateful.”

The Vermont Tech education is practical, and rooted. We work closely with community partners to ensure our students are receiving up-to-date knowledge about industry trends.

The project was completed for Landscape Construction Practices (LAH2010), a course taught by Adjunct Professor Mark Billian. Mark has prepared a report detailing his students work. This project follows a similar project from last year, where students replaced the stone patio in front of Green Hall.

Read Mark’s report here.