Health Alert

30 Jan 2019

Chickenpox Alert

The Vermont Tech Health Center is notifying the campus community that a case of chickenpox was confirmed in an on-campus resident student on January 30, 2019. Information about the disease can be found on the CDC website. Anyone with compromised immune systems or who are pregnant should be sure to review the information.

Systematic campus cleaning/disinfecting has already begun and will continue today. Immunization records of students are being reviewed and individuals will be contacted as needed.

If you have proof of varicella immunity (2 vaccines, history of disease, positive titer) you are not at risk of infection or of passing the infection to someone else. If you have had chickenpox or received the vaccine, you have no need to read further.

If you have not had chickenpox or had the vaccine, students and employees may get vaccinated at Gifford Medical Center or their personal healthcare provider. The CDC recommends vaccination within the first 3-5 days of exposure (1/30-2/2) to reduce the risk of becoming infected.

We encourage you to review the additional information available at:

Anyone who suspects they are coming down with chickenpox should STAY HOME/in your residence hall room, then contact the Vermont Tech Health Center at (802) 728-1270 or (802) 249-7309. If on campus during a time the Health Center is closed, contact Public Safety at (802) 728-1292 for access to medical care. Chickenpox is contagious from 1 day before rash onset to 5 days after, or until the blisters are crusted over, whichever is later.