Fall 2017 Honors Lists

11 Jan 2018

Vermont Tech is proud to share the names of the students who have qualified for the President’s or Dean’s Lists. To be eligible for these lists a student must hold a GPA of 4.0 or a 3.5 or higher respectively while carrying 12 or more letter-graded credit hours.

President’s List Honorees

Emmanuel Giovanni Aretakis  Mechanical Engineering Technology (BS)
Henry Ringstad Barth  Diesel Power Technology (AAS)
Devin J Beayon  Electrical Engineering Technology (AE)
Zachary  Blanchard  Electrical Engineering Technology (BS)
Julietta Lorraine Cole  Veterinary Technology (AAS)
Alyssa K Cote  Veterinary Technology (AAS)
Rebecca Diane Cross  Nursing (BS)
Nicole L Cutler  Veterinary Technology (AAS)
Christopher J Dunkle  Electrical Engineering Technology (BS)
Alex Mark Gambero  Respiratory Therapy (AS)
Louis E Grove  Renewable Energy (BS)
Locke J Harper  Electrical Engineering Technology (AE)
James Alexander Hart  Agribusiness Management Technology (AAS)
Bradley James Hodgson  Electrical Engineering Technology (BS)
Aaron F Hogan  Mechanical Engineering Technology (AE)
Brent C Jacobs  Business Technology & Management (AAS)
Laurissa M Johnson  Entrepreneurship (BS)
Joshua William Joy  Electrical Engineering Technology (BS)
Carrianne M Knight  Professional Pilot Technology (BS)
Grace M Longmore  Dental Hygiene (BS)
Hayley F Mears  Business Technology & Management (BS)
Gary Wayne Mercy  Electromechanical Engineering Technology (BS)
Hillary Evelyn Mitchell  Dairy Farm Management (AAS)
Justin E Nalbach  Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology (AE)
Blake L Nemeth  Computer Engineering Technology (BS)
Daniel  Norwood  Professional Pilot Technology (BS)
Roslyn Ana Parker  Computer Software Engineering (BS)
Ryan  Pennucci  Electrical Engineering Technology (BS)
Jade N Piette  Dental Hygiene (BS)
Holden R Poirier  Fire Science (AAS)
Reagan Elizabeth Pratt  Dental Hygiene (BS)
Caroline Marie Prefontaine  Computer Information Technology (BS)
Nicole Marie Provost  Applied Business Management (BS)
Kyle Leo Rigali  Electromechanical Engineering Technology (BS)
Peter Huntley Roy  Electrical Engineering Technology (AE)
Dip  Sharma  Computer Engineering Technology (BS)
Bethany Wilson Shorey  Nursing (AS)
Lydia J Smith  Diversified Agriculture (BS)
Ashley Taylor White  Equine Studies (BS)

Dean’s List Honorees

Haytham Zuhair Alabdrabalnabi Business Technology & Management (BS)
Nebal  Al-Taweel Dental Hygiene (BS)
Jonathan P Alvin Renewable Energy (BS)
Eric John Alwine Computer Information Technology (AS)
Shelby Jean Andrews Undeclared (BS)
Emily Elizabeth Antonivich Diversified Agriculture (BS)
Marcela  Arana Barrows Architectural Engineering Technology (BS)
Lisa Ann Atkinson Nursing (AS)
Liza Lloyd Augustinowicz Diversified Agriculture (BS)
Heather Ruth Austin Nursing (AS)
Dana L Balch Nursing (AS)
Michelle Lee Balch Nursing (AS)
Jessica Helenjane Ballard Dental Hygiene (BS)
David Thomas Barbarow Electromechanical Engineering Technology (BS) Mechanical Track
Naomi Grace Barkyoumb Veterinary Technology (AAS)
Jacob Lewis Bartlett Architectural Engineering Technology (BS)
Peter Loring Bartlett Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology (AE)
Andrew David Beattie Computer Engineering Technology (BS)
Jack S Beauparlant Entrepreneurship  (BS)
Reed Christopher Belisle Professional Pilot Technology (BS)
Jared P Bermingham Construction Management (AAS)
Cherree A Berry Dental Hygiene (BS)
Riker B Billings Computer Engineering Technology (BS)
Jada Lynn Blaisdell Billow Nursing (AS)
Brendan S Blevins Computer Software Engineering (BS)
Daniel Clifford Bordner Electromechanical Engineering Technology (BS) Mechanical Track
Tammy J Bothwell Nursing (AS)
Morgan E Brackett Professional Pilot Technology (BS)
Courtney M Bronson Agribusiness Management Technology (AAS)
Cody A Bryan Diesel Power Technology (AAS)
Alexander Davis Bryan Renewable Energy (BS)
Emily Rose Bulger Diversified Agriculture (BS)
Anthony P Burke Computer Software Engineering (BS)
Scott Michael Burke Construction Management (AAS)
Ryan Colby Burt Professional Pilot Technology (BS)
Jordan Cabot Camp Business Technology & Management (BS)
Kiernan Leary Canavan Electrical Engineering Technology (AE)
Nathaniel J Cannon Electrical Engineering Technology (BS)
Dakota L Clark Dental Hygiene (BS)
Sarah L Clark Mechanical Engineering Technology (AE)
Leonardo Romario Clayton Nursing (AS)
Emily M Colby Computer Information Technology (AS)
Ella Rae Cole Undeclared (BS)
Katie Anne Colligan Entrepreneurship  (BS)
Ama Z Conde Undeclared (BS)
Robert J Connors Computer Engineering Technology (AE)
Laura Anne Cooley Business Technology & Management (AAS)
Craig William Coultas Electromechanical Engineering Technology (BS) Electrical Track
Tyler B Couture Architectural Engineering Technology (BS)
Rene Stephen Couture Computer Software Engineering (BS)
Joaquin  Currier-Cubero Electromechanical Engineering Technology (BS) Mechanical Track
Nicole A Cyr Business Technology & Management (BS)
Samantha L Daniels Architectural Engineering Technology (BS)
TJ Timothy Aaron Derose Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology (AE)
Jessica Jean Desilets Nursing (AS)
Madison Kate Distel Dental Hygiene (BS)
Nathan L Doty Mechanical Engineering Technology (AE)
Abdulkerim  Dozic Professional Pilot Technology (BS)
Amy L Driscoll Nursing (AS)
Derrick Ethan Dubois Professional Pilot Technology (BS)
Chad C Eddy Electromechanical Engineering Technology (BS) Mechanical Track
Sandra Ruth Elliott Applied Business Management (BS)
Zachary Q Ellison Architectural Engineering Technology (BS)
Leif E Engstrom Electromechanical Engineering Technology (BS) Mechanical Track
Dayna Lyn Epstein Nursing (AS)
Elizabeth A Farrell Undeclared (BS)
Cierra J Favreau Veterinary Technology (AAS)
Gabrielle D Fenton Business Technology & Management (BS)
Benjamin D Ferland Electromechanical Engineering Technology (BS) Mechanical Track
Samantha Louise Fielder Undeclared (BS)
Abigail Marie Fifield Business Technology & Management (BS)
Nicholas Trust Fontaine Automotive Technology (AAS)
Collin R Fordham Electromechanical Engineering Technology (BS) Mechanical Track
Janelle Anne Fornari Nursing (AS)
Ashlynn R Foster Dairy Farm Management (AAS)
Julie Victoria Foster Nursing (AS)
Jarrett A Gamache Electrical Engineering Technology (BS)
Angela Marie Gaudette Nursing (AS)
Jeffrey John Gaudreau Dental Hygiene (BS)
Pawan  Gautam Computer Information Technology (BS)
Brandon Michael Gibbs Electromechanical Engineering Technology (BS) Electrical Track
Conor D Gillander Business Technology & Management (AAS)
Austin S Goodhue Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology (AE)
Amy L Goodrich Fire Science (AAS)
Mariah Lynn Gray Dental Hygiene (BS)
Nicholas Paul Gray Diesel Power Technology (AAS)
Vanessa J Griswold Architectural Engineering Technology (BS)
Michael David Groening Electromechanical Engineering Technology (BS) Mechanical Track
Michael David Gurney Construction Management (BS)
James R Hamilton Diversified Agriculture (BS)
Jarek Arthur Hammerl Electromechanical Engineering Technology (BS) Mechanical Track
Brandon Chase Hanley Electrical Engineering Technology (BS)
Jenna L Harrington Veterinary Technology (AAS)
Eric Richard Haskins Electromechanical Engineering Technology (BS) Mechanical Track
Alex Chris Head Applied Business Management (BS)
Bryn D Hemmings Computer Software Engineering (AS)
Stephanie J Herring Business Technology & Management (AAS)
Zachary Joseph Hess Computer Software Engineering (BS)
Darrin E Hinterneder Jr Computer Engineering Technology (BS)
Promise Lorraine Hoffman Veterinary Technology (AAS)
Lewis Anton Holey Business Technology & Management (AAS)
John O Holleran Mechanical Engineering Technology (AE)
Andrew Wayne Jaffe Computer Software Engineering (BS)
Nathan W Jenkins Electromechanical Engineering Technology (BS) Electrical Track
Hilary Paige Johnson Nursing (AS)
Michelle Lynn Jollie Nursing (AS)
Amy Lyn Kane Nursing (AS)
Diora Shane Kania Renewable Energy (BS)
Holly M Karrasch Veterinary Technology (AAS)
Erica Dubuque Kelley Nursing (AS)
Haley Frances Kenyon Nursing (AS)
Hannah L Kilburn Landscape Design and Sustainable Horticulture (AAS)
Corbin Perry King Electrical Engineering Technology (BS)
Colt Matthew Knipp Manufacturing Engineering Technology (BS)
Ann L Kobylenski-Sanderson Nursing (AS)
Svetlana  Kojak Nursing (AS)
Jill Hughes Kowalski Nursing (AS)
Carrie A La Francis Nursing (AS)
Joellen Ann LaDieu Dental Hygiene (BS)
Hailey M LaFave Nursing (BS)
Austin Howard Lalumiere Computer Information Technology (BS)
Johnathan Blake Lazo Mechanical Engineering Technology (AE)
Bryan M Lefebvre Diesel Power Technology (Certificate)
Curtis E Lessard Dairy Farm Managemenet (AAS)
Miriah  Linkletter Veterinary Technology (AAS)
Coleton  Loura-Bumps Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology (AE)
Cameron  MacCormack Renewable Energy (BS)
Abigail Jean Magwire Nursing (AS)
Celeste J Malin Nursing (AS)
Gene W Maniaci Electromechanical Engineering Technology (BS) Mechanical Track
Kelsey M Many Entrepreneurship  (AAS)
Jamie L Manzi Nursing (AS)
Patricia Anne Martel Nursing (AS)
Chelsea Margaret Martin Nursing (AS)
Dune  Mayberger Computer Engineering Technology (AE)
Jacob J Mayer Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology (AE)
Belial Anthony Mazzella Computer Software Engineering (BS)
John J McGuinness Electromechanical Engineering Technology (BS) Mechanical Track
William Dunham McSoley Construction Management (BS)
Joshua Albert Menard Construction Management (BS)
Mariah Jesse Metivier Dental Hygiene (BS)
Modeste Fortune Mito Electrical Engineering Technology (BS)
Haleigh May Molinario Business Technology & Management (BS)
Winter Rose Morse Nursing (AS)
Dzana  Mustafic Nursing (AS)
Tapan  Nepal Electrical Engineering Technology (BS)
Samuel Alan Newmarco Electromechanical Engineering Technology (BS) Mechanical Track
Katie Gilbert Nordman Nursing (AS)
Brett D Novak Entrepreneurship  (BS)
Kaylee R Noyes Undeclared (BS)
Jacob R Oakes Electromechanical Engineering Technology (BS) Electrical Track
Maggie T O’Brien Equine Studies (AAS)
Alexa M Oifer Construction Management (BS)
Savanna M Ouellette Veterinary Technology (AAS)
Sean A Palmer Fire Science (AAS)
Caleb C Paquette Computer Information Technology (BS)
Andrew N Parkinson Computer Engineering Technology (BS)
Caleb Roland Paton Electrical Engineering Technology (BS)
Cyndie Marie Payeur Nursing (BS)
Hunter L Pockett Electrical Engineering Technology (BS)
Nolan J Pritchard Computer Information Technology (BS)
Chandler P Prue Electrical Engineering Technology (BS)
Jacob M Ricard Computer Engineering Technology (BS)
Emory Scott Richardson Diesel Power Technology (Certificate)
Jessica Lee Rivait Nursing (BS)
Jarrod Taylor Rose Business Technology & Management (BS)
Macey M Ross Equine Studies (AAS)
Jordan Yvonne Rouille Computer Software Engineering (AS)
Rachel Grace Ruegsegger Undeclared (BS)
Christopher L Sabatino Electromechanical Engineering Technology (BS) Mechanical Track
April A Scott Business Technology & Management (BS)
Andrew V Scott Nursing (AS)
Diwas  Sharma Computer Software Engineering (BS)
Abigail P Sikora Equine Studies (AAS)
Elsie J Sikora Equine Studies (AAS)
Alexa Paige Slocum Business Technology & Management (BS)
Sydney Elaine Soren Undeclared (BS)
Sydney Jessamine Spaulding Dental Hygiene (BS)
Alana E Sprague Veterinary Technology (AAS)
John Elliott Stantial Electrical Engineering Technology (BS)
Curtis Edward Steins Computer Engineering Technology (BS)
Olivia Kim Stewart Nursing (AS)
Samuel W Stocks Renewable Energy (BS)
Arianna Elizabeth Strand Professional Pilot Technology (BS)
Alexis Lee Tatro Nursing (BS)
Logan Jacob Taylor Mechanical Engineering Technology (AE)
Tracy A Terry Nursing (AS)
Louise G Terwilliger Dairy Farm Managemenet (AAS)
Erin Faith Terwilliger Equine Studies (AAS)
Solenne Jenny Thompson Nursing (AS)
Katie M Thygesen Dental Hygiene (BS)
Lauren L Tomlinson Dental Hygiene (BS)
Erin J Tortolano Business Technology & Management (BS)
George B Tucker Professional Pilot Technology (BS)
Jocyndia  Turinetti Mechanical Engineering Technology (AE)
Heidi Poleshaj Underbakke Architectural & Building Engineering Technology (AAS)
Shawnna L Vander Wey Dairy Farm Managemenet (AAS)
Payton L Veilleux Professional Pilot Technology (BS)
Samuel Jose Velasquez Computer Software Engineering (BS)
Melissa F Vizvarie Nursing (AS)
Pascal S Wa Siki Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology (AE)
Jacob E Walker Mechanical Engineering Technology (AE)
Devon G Walter Computer Information Technology (BS)
Kirstin L Ward Business Technology & Management (BS)
Jordanne D Waterhouse Veterinary Technology (AAS)
Cassidy R Wells Nursing (AS)
Cassidy D Wells Undeclared (BS)
Allan C Wheeler Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology (AE)
Nathaniel R Whipple Mechanical Engineering Technology (AE)
Caleb Dustin White Electromechanical Engineering Technology (BS) Mechanical Track
Seth Joseph Widli Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology (AE)
Joshua Lee Williams Computer Information Technology (BS)
Isabella Dajung Wilmott Undeclared (BS)
Tyler J Wrigley Computer Software Engineering (BS)
Benjamin David Zaccara Landscape Design and Sustainable Horticulture (AAS)
Philip Streeter Zoppo Diesel Power Technology (AAS)

Vermont Tech is also happy to announce that 36 individuals have graduated from their programs following this past fall semester.

Fall 2017 Graduates

Christopher John Brown Architectural & Building Engineering Technology (AAS)
Tara Ruby Collins Agribusiness Management Technology (AAS)
Aaron S. Cuevas Dairy Farm Management (AAS)
Eli Norman Tucker Diesel Power Technology (AAS)
Truman Stabile Diesel Power Technology (AAS)
Shelby J Coon Fire Science (AAS)
Eliza S. Cahill General Engineering Technology (AAS)
William Joseph Whatley Landscape Design and Sustainable Horticulture (AAS)
Kendra Leanne Wilson Veterinary Technology (AAS)
Joshua R. Squiers Mechanical Engineering Technology (AE)
Rashid H Atweh Computer Information Technology (AS)
Robert B. Fodor Computer Information Technology (AS)
Noah D Miller Computer Software Engineering (AS)
Benjamin J. Hess Business Technology & Management (BS)
Abdulaziz R. Alsuwaydani Business Technology & Management (BS)
Francis W. Dowling, III Business Technology & Management (BS)
Brent Perry Business Technology & Management (BS)
Hossain Al Mordef Computer Information Technology (BS)
Nolan J. Pritchard Computer Information Technology (BS)
Abdullah Hassan Basarih Computer Engineering Technology (BS)
Mohanned S. Mohammedhosin Computer Engineering Technology (BS)
John H. Candido Computer Engineering Technology (BS)
Sahel S. Althubaiti Computer Engineering Technology (BS)
Taylor C Gingras Construction Management (BS)
Daniel M Britos Construction Management (BS)
Andrew Kanei Miller Construction Management (BS)
Michaela R. Whitman Dental Hygiene (BS)
Kyle R. Desso Electromechanical Engineering Technology (BS) Electrical Track
Steven K. Varrato Electromechanical Engineering Technology (BS) Mechanical Track
Hope Hampton Jacopino Equine Studies (BS)
Jason T. Paronto Business Technology & Management (BS)
James Richard Lee Chitwood Professional Pilot Technology (BS)
Hans E. Harvey Paramedicine (Certificate)
David A. Cohen Paramedicine (Certificate)
Keely Marie Colburn Paramedicine (Certificate)
Diana J.G. Osborn Paramedicine (Certificate)

President Patricia Moulton stated, “We are very proud of our most recent graduates, may you go forth and change the world. To the students still completing their studies, we congratulate you and will continue to support your efforts.