Direct Progression Policy

Nursing Direct Progression Policy

Vermont Tech offers students a comprehensive undergraduate nursing education, composed of the Practical Nursing certificate (PN), the Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) and the Bachelor’s degree in Nursing (BSN).   Students accepted into either the PN or ADN programs may progress directly through to the bachelor’s degree or may choose to stop out after receiving the PN and/or ADN credentials.

To progress directly from the PN to the ADN level, a student must:

  • Declare their intent to progress on a Nursing Direct Progression form no later than January 31 of the year they wish to progress.
  • Must receive a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 in all current nursing coursework during each PN semester.
  • Obtain the Practical Nursing License (LPN) during the summer between the PN and ADN years.

To progress directly from the ADN to the BSN level, a student must:

  • Declare their intent to progress on a Nursing Direct Progression form prior to graduation for direct progression.
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA through the PN and ADN levels.
  • Obtain the Registered Nurse license during the summer after completing the ADN degree.

Students wishing to take off a semester or more after completing the PN or ADN program may apply for re-admittance to the nursing program through the regular nursing program admissions process, but will not be guaranteed admittance.

While Vermont Tech guarantees direct progression from the PN to the ADN program for qualified students, it cannot guarantee direct progression at the same site at which the PN certificate was obtained.  Because of the competitive demand for ADN seats and the limitations of clinical ADN placements in some areas of the state, some students may have to continue their nursing studies at a site other than their first choice or the site at which the PN certificate was obtained. 

Students progressing directly from the PN to the ADN level must:

  • Request their first, second and third site preference for the ADN education on their Nursing Direct Progression form.

Vermont Tech will assign first priority to students requesting to remain at their PN site--in order of GPA.  Once the ADN slots are filled for any site, Vermont Tech will try to place students in the ADN site of their next highest stated preferences, if seats are available.  Students whose first preference is to attend an ADN site other than that at which they took their PN program will be considered for the preferred site after qualified students attending that site for their PN have been offered a seat in that ADN program.

Our BSN program is offered entirely online with additional local precepted experiences.

This process will be reviewed and evaluated on an ongoing basis to ensure viability and sustainability.