Dental Hygiene Clinic

The Vermont Tech Dental Hygiene Clinic offers a range of services for patients interested in keeping their teeth healthy for a lifetime.

Our dental hygiene students work with you in an educational setting, always closely monitored by their faculty. Because the care we provide is very comprehensive, appointments last longer than those you would experience in a traditional dental office. You should plan on a 2 to 3 hour appointment per visit. In most cases, more than one appointment is required to complete your dental hygiene care.

New Patients

If you've decided to schedule an appointment at the Vermont Tech Dental Hygiene Clinic, please read the New Patient Information. You can also save time at the office by filling out, and bringing the following forms:

You should also be familiar with the Patient Rights and Responsibilities.

Our Services

The dental hygiene clinic offers a number of preventative services:

  • a thorough evaluation of your medical/dental history
  • comprehensive assessment of your oral health status as it relates to dental hygiene
  • oral hygiene education
  • removal of hard and soft deposits from your teeth
  • flouride treatments, dental sealants and dental x-rays, if necessary

Schedule an Appointment:

To schedule your appointment, please call the clinic today at (802) 879-5643. Please allow 2 to 3 hours for your first visit.

Appointment Times

Due to changes in the Dental Hygiene academic program, clinic hours will vary by semester. Please call the clinic at (802) 879-5643 for detailed appointment times.

Services & Fees

Hygiene Treatment $25.00
Dental Sealants $10.00/tooth
Fluoride Treatments No Charge
Complete mouth x-rays $30.00
Bite-wing x-rays $15.00
Periapical x-ray $5.00 per x-ray
Panorex x-ray $25.00


Directions to the Vermont Tech Dental Hygiene Clinic can be found here.