COVID-19 Updated Protocols

07 Jan 2022

The health and safety of our community remains our highest priority.

We continue to review our health and safety guidelines regularly. We appreciate your flexibility as we may adjust our policies to best position ourselves for a healthy academic year.

First, what hasn’t changed: Students and employees should stay home if they have any symptoms of COVID-19, regardless of vaccination or close contact status. Masking and hand washing are still of utmost importance.

*Updated masking policy, March 8, 2022


Isolation for COVID Positive

We are using the Vermont Department of Health recommendations for COVID-19 isolation and quarantine as a guide for student requirements. This is the protocol for all students. Some majors may have more restrictive policies.

If you test positive for COVID-19 and are vaccinated, boosted, or unvaccinated you must isolate for 5-10 full days. Commuter students should isolate at home and we strongly encourage campus residents to go home, if possible. If you cannot return home, student residents are recovering in place in your room. Isolation housing is no longer provided.

To be eligible to leave isolation or recovery in place after 5 full days (on day 6), students need to:

  • have two negative antigen tests, one on day 4 and one on day 5, at least 24 hours apart,
  • AND be fever free (lower than 100.4o F) for 24 hours without taking antifever medications
  • AND have improving or no other symptoms
  • AND wear a mask around others at all times (including while in dorm room or at home) for 10 full days.

If you test on day 4/5 and you test positive, continue to isolate and DO NOT TEST again until day 7. Please see the full protocol and flowchart in Resources below.

For more information on the new recommendations, please visit Vermont Department of Health.

Quarantine for Close Contacts

If you have received your vaccination(s) and have been boosted, you do not need to quarantine if you are a close contact. If you are unvaccinated or have not completed your second vaccine or booster when eligible, you do need to quarantine for 5 days. You can leave quarantine on day 5 if:

  • You have no symptoms
  • AND had two negative antigen tests performed at least 24 hours apart beginning no earlier than day 4 OR one negative PCR or LAMP test on day 5 (recommended even with two negative antigen tests)
  • AND wear a mask around others at all times (including while in dorm room or at home) for 10 full days.


Before you return to campus for the spring semester:

  • You must provide pre-arrival test results and submit proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken within 4 days of move-in or returning to classes/lab/clinical. Submit via this link: Pre-Arrival COVID Test Results
    • Resident students on the Randolph and Williston campuses must provide proof of a negative test in order to return to housing.
    • Commuter students at all locations should not attend classes until proof of a negative test is submitted.

Type of tests accepted:

  • PCR test
  • LAMP test
  • Rapid antigen test (ex: BinaxNow, Flowflex)
    • Please note:  A negative rapid antigen test will be accepted if you are not having symptoms
    • A positive antigen test is a true positive whether you have symptoms or not
    • Not all antigen tests provide digital documentation/proof of tests. In those cases, you need to submit a photo of your negative results.
    • If you are experiencing  symptoms, a negative rapid antigen test WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  A negative PCR or LAMP test is required, in this case.

Unvaccinated students are required to test weekly at testing locations and times made available by Vermont Tech.

Contact Tracing

IF YOU ARE COVID POSITIVE you must notify your close contacts and the school immediately at We expect you to be responsible for yourself and each other’s health and will no longer perform contact tracing as we have in the past. If you need assistance with informing close contacts, please reach out to

If you have symptoms: 

  • Get tested as soon as possible – antigen tests are currently available in Health Services
  • Identify and notify your close contacts

The Vermont Department of Health defines the infectious period as “when you can spread the virus to others as the two days before you noticed any symptoms, and it continues until your isolation period ends. If you don’t have symptoms, your infectious period starts the two days before the day you got tested and continues until you recover.”

Vaccinations & Boosters

We will be mandating vaccination and boosters for all students. Students must obtain a booster within 30 days of eligibility. We will continue to track vaccination and now booster status. For more information on how to receive your vaccine or booster, please visit the Vermont Department of Health.

For more information on how to receive your vaccine or booster, please visit the Vermont Department of Health.


*Updated March 8, 2022

VTC will move toward a mask optional policy, starting on Monday, March 14, 2022.

This is in accordance with Governor Scott’s recent announcement about lifting indoor mask guidance beginning on March 14, and due to the now “moderate” risk level for COVID in all Vermont counties, except for Rutland and Bennington according to the CDC.

At VTC, this includes all indoor spaces (except the health center) and campus vehicles. Please note that some specific majors will still require masks in educational settings due to the nature of the program (e.g., clinical settings).

Students, staff, and faculty should feel welcome and empowered to continue to mask if they feel more comfortable doing so. I know that each of you will honor those individual masking decisions as we encounter friends, family, and members of the public who feel safer masking or who are safer masking because of health conditions.

If conditions arise, we will reinstate our mask policy to protect our community.  

Important Contacts

Health Services

Dr. Sarah Billings-Berg
(802) 728-1270

Student Affairs

(802) 728-1212