Repstad wins Wirtz Award in teaching

07 Oct 2019

The Wirtz Award is presented yearly to an exceptional faculty member. Someone who other faculty should look up to, and who takes the utmost pride in their work as an educator.

The Wirtz Award celebrates the legacy of Harry Wirtz, who was a professor of civil and environmental engineering technology at Vermont Technical College. Qualities of this master teacher award recipient include a deep mastery of the subject matter, engagement with students at all levels of preparation, fostering intellectual curiosity and growth, and maintaining strong collegial relationships with the Vermont Tech community.

This year’s nominees were:

John Kidder
Rachel Repstad
Inge Luce
Mary Hill
Stephanie Dorosko
Bethany Crowley
Brad Miller
Ralph Esposito
Michael Marceau

Professor Rachel Repstad was selected as the 2019 Wirtz Award recipient. Professor Repstad has been a faculty member since 2005 and represents the highest standards of teaching excellence and student engagement.