Sydney Spaulding

Sydney Spaulding initially thought she wanted to leave Vermont when she first started looking at colleges.

But that idea passed once she came across Vermont Tech and its Dental Hygiene Program.  The college’s small classrooms and opportunity for hands-on learning make her realize the school suited her well.

“At first, my main goal was go get out of Vermont. I was born and raised here so I figured it was time to leave,” she says. “It wasn’t long before I looked into attending Vermont Tech and knew immediately it was the college for me. It’s difficult for me to learn in large lecture halls, so I knew that having a small class and personable directors would be the perfect fit for me.”

Raised in Swanton, Sydney enrolled in advanced placement classes in high school and participated in extracurricular activities to help her get into college.

“I went to a very small high school where I was comfortable with my teachers and fellow classmates. I liked the feeling of community and closeness that my high school had, and I knew that I wanted that in college as well,” she says. “High school showed me what king of college would be best for me, and I knew it would be a school similar to Vermont Tech.”

Vermont Tech’s high-quality Dental Hygiene Program sealed the deal for Sydney.  “It really stood out to me that 100 percent of the program’s students at Vermont Tech passed their board exams multiple years in a row,” she says. “To me, that said that the teachers were amazing and knew how to teach.

Sydney credits her professors with making her college experience a positive one. Whether it’s in the classroom or in the clinic, her questions never go unanswered.

By the time she graduates from Vermont Tech, Sydney is confident will the best dental hygienist she can be.

“I know that the Vermont Tech Dental Hygiene Program will get me there,” she says. “Looking back, I don’t know why I ever considered anywhere else but Vermont Tech.”

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