Shelby Coon

Shelby Coon spent his high school years working as a volunteer firefighter. The Fire Science major knew he wanted a professional career as a firefighter, and Vermont Tech’s two-year degree program was an ideal fit.

My college search process was fairly easy because Vermont Tech was always a place of interest to attend since I started high school,” Shelby says. “I wanted to major in Fire Science and wanted to stay in Vermont.”

Shelby had worked as a volunteer firefighter in high school to begin building his skills. His high school and technical center did not offer him a course in fire sciences. Instead, he took automotive courses throughout high school to start a foundation for a secondary job that would be a supplement between his shifts as a career firefighter.

But Vermont Tech—which offers the state’s only Fire Science program—is giving Shelby everything he needs for a professional firefighting career. He is learning about fire behavior, paramedicine, fire prevention, hazardous materials chemistry, incident strategy and tactics, emergency medicine, administration of emergency services, and more.

“I’m a practical thinker and worker, and I work hard because I like to see results and positive outcomes,” he says. “To me, no extra effort, money, or training is ever wasted as I work to become a more advanced firefighter.”

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