Samantha Daniels

“Ever since I was a kid I have always learned from actively doing things.”

Samantha Daniels grew up learning about construction in a hands-on setting. When she was a child, she helped her family by working on sheds, garages, and even homes. That’s when she discovered her love of building things. Samantha studied Architectural Engineering and Building Design Technology at Vermont Tech and graduated in 2020.

“If I never had the opportunity to see the construction processes, I would have never found my passion.”

Samantha is the first in her family to attend college. Vermont Tech was close enough to her hometown in Massachusetts to let her visit home regularly, but just far enough that she got the real college experience.

“The hardest part for me, in the transition from high school to college, was being away from home and making new friends. The transition academically was an easy one.”

But, Samantha quickly found many places to fit in at Vermont Tech.

“At the beginning of my first semester, the Women in Engineering and Technology Club had been created. Seeing how many women and men were interested in the club inspired me. The community at Vermont Tech is incredibly supportive and encouraging.”

Samantha’s middle and high schools weren’t very big, so she had experience with a small student to teacher ratio. She got that same small class experience at Vermont Tech, while still meeting a diverse group of people.

When Samantha isn’t designing buildings you can find her outdoors; on her four-wheeler or snowmobile, hunting, fishing or camping. She also has a steer named Angus back home that she trained to only listen to her voice commands.

Samantha urges students to take full advantage of their college years. “The best advice I can give to incoming students is to stay on top of school, but make sure to spend some time on yourself. Make sure you finish your school work, to the best of your ability, and never skip a class.”

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    Engineering and Computing

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