Roshawn Russell

Roshawn had a very smooth transition from high school to college. All of the staff from Vermont Tech and Stowe High School communicated well and that made the process a lot easier for him.

“I chose Vermont Tech because of the job placement rate and the affordability of the tuition.” Roshawn also had a friend who went to Vermont Tech which gave him more familiarity of the college. “I would be going to a new school but I knew a few people already. The teaching style also attracted me here, the classes are small, the teacher has time to check in with everyone individually instead of teaching 150 kids at once.”

Roshawn chose his major because he realized that the world revolves around business and it would be a great major to learn.

“I really like all of my classes and teachers. One thing that stuck with me was the way I learned Financial Accounting my first year. It was taught by Tom Daniels. The success of my business teacher, Allan Rodgers, also sticks with me. It just shows me that you can never settle, and should always want better for yourself.” One of Roshawn’s favorite classes was, Self, Career, and Culture taught by Kaitlyn Clark.

Roshawn isn’t sure what the next step is for him but for now he will continue working at Trapp Family lodge in Stowe, Vermont. Outside of school and work, his passions are cooking and sports like basketball and track and field.

His advice to all incoming students is: “you should know that the faculty are really welcoming here at Vermont Tech, so try not to be nervous on your first day. Make sure you all study because it will definitely pay off.”

  • School

    Professional Studies and Management

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  • Hometown

    Stowe, VT