Patty Danahy

“Vermont Tech is all about the networking, but also about the friendships,” says Patty Danahy. Her experience in the Engineering Technology program proves that the two are not mutually exclusive.

Patty came to Vermont Tech planning to study architectural design. She credits the faculty with helping her recognize that her strengths leaned more toward the practical aspects of the profession than the conceptual. So she switched to the Architectural Engineering Technology, and found herself well-suited to that program’s level of analytical detail and the hands-on nature of the curriculum

I”ll never forget a lab I did my sophomore year. We mixed concrete by hand, tested it for different uses, then wrote reports,” says Patty. “We called it the ‘dirt lab.’”

Employers appreciated how prepared Patty was when she interviewed for jobs following graduation. And despite only joining the workforce in 2013, she has already noticed how her education has prepared her for the rapid technological advances in her industry. “Most of the challenges I face can be related back to something I learned at Vermont Tech,” Patty says.

Plus, Patty knows she has a network of friends and colleagues she can call upon when needed. She sees many of her fellow students at professional conferences and her professors and advisors continue to stay in touch and check up on her career progress.

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