NyKia Reid

NyKia discovered the Certified Production Technician Course through the Parent Child Center, but it was her dream employer that encouraged her to learn more. She says, “I had plans to apply to a [local engineering firm], I was talking to someone there and she recommended the SWFI program, I figured I would give it a shot.”

NyKia has a family member that works at a local engineering firm. “She has worked her way up, and seems to enjoy it.”

NyKia is close with her family, and that connection has been a big help in her decision to continue her education.

“My mom has been watching my kid during class, and sometimes during the week when I’m doing my homework. My family has always been really supportive.”

That support is going a long way, because NyKia is proud of her achievement in the program. NyKia says that although all of her classmates are learning at different paces, the teacher is very careful to make sure everyone ‘gets’ the lessons before moving on. “The teacher is great, she’s sweet. Incredibly smart. She really connects the dots for us. The lessons aren’t just to help you with your work, you can use it in your everyday life.”

When asked about her goals, NyKia said that she originally wanted to own her own bakery. “My goals are different than where I’m headed. I originally wanted to be a baker and own my own business. I think this will get me on the right path and help me realize my dream because you need money to start a business .”

Although the course is a lot of work, NyKia knows it is worth it. “I’m not going to put all my time and effort into it if I’m not going to get anything out of it.”