Melaney Mackay

When Melaney MacKay graduated from high school in 2010, she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do for a career. She moved to Canada to go to college, but after a year realized she wanted to return home. Three years later at age 22, she decided to go to Vermont Tech, where she is studying Business Technology & Management

“Vermont Tech isn’t a college or university where you’re just a number. My professors knew me within two weeks and I felt like I fit in,” she says. “At Vermont Tech, I get the feeling that all the students who were lost and didn’t know what they wanted out of school have finally found a home.”

Melaney works 40 hours a week at a local bank while taking six classes. Since she is putting herself through college, she feels a certain level of pride and responsibility. She is pushing herself to make Dean’s List as much as possible.

“I value my education so much more knowing what I want out of my business degree she says. “I already have a good, full-time job with benefits, and I’m already looking to move up to another position once I graduate.”

Another reason Melaney enjoys Vermont Tech is its supportive staff and its flexible course offerings. “I like that if Vermont Tech doesn’t offer a class at the time I need to work around my schedule, I can always take an online class. It’s nice to have that flexibility,” she says.

Melaney now works as an Operations Coordinator for the Town of Colchester, where she is developing her HR skills and certifications.

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