Matthew Roy

Matthew Roy is a 27-year-old, transitioning from a career in the maple sugaring industry. He was lost coming out of high school despite good grades, had trouble finding a place, then finally found sugaring. Once accepted into Vermont Tech, he started taking the prerequisites. “It’s quite the transitional career path change,” he says. “I would like to become an RN and continue my education to become an NP.”

Matthew came to Vermont Tech because of the “great programs for non-traditional students.” He said what drew him most to nursing was, “my love for people and trying to help people through the facilitation and improvement of their health.”

His mother helped him in the college search. “I currently live in Essex so the proximity to the Williston campus was key. Plus the reputation of the program.” Matt loves all of the courses and, “the teachers have taught more than [I] thought. It has been an awesome experience thus far.”

Matthew is currently employed in sugaring. “I have a strong passion for nature. I’m a wildlife photographer enjoying studying hard-to-find animals in their habitats. I play baseball on the Green Mountain League. I golf in the summer. I enjoy being active everyday to stay in shape. Also love to read and cook.”

Matthew’s advice to incoming students is, “if I can do it, so can you! If you are considering joining nursing, the workload is difficult but you will learn an immense amount and it will help you in the long run.”

  • School

    Nursing and Health Professions

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  • Hometown

    Georgia, VT