Jennifer Grenier

Jennifer Grenier tried a couple different colleges before she found the right fit. She received an associate’s degree in from Community College of Vermont but wanted more. She chose Vermont Tech for the positive atmosphere, and the opportunities the alumni connections would afford her. Her brother was also successful in his studies at Vermont Tech, she says he is the main reason she chose to attend as well.

Jennifer majored in Architectural Engineering Technology, a Bachelor’s program that has seen a historical 100% placement rate over the past several years.

She was drawn to this program because she has, “a passion for all things remodel, design, and architecture.” She finds the small class size an engaging environment to learn, and the lessons are always interesting.

Jennifer says, “One of my favorite classes is my construction drawing class because it feels like I am already diving head-first into my degree.” The hands-on experience she received at Vermont Tech should help her with her career goals of working for a large architecture firm with contracts around the world.

Jennifer played defense for the women’s soccer team at Vermont Tech and urges students to get involved with as much as possible in college to meet a lot of people. She also encourages others to join the AET major as it was “the best decision I ever made.”

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    Engineering and Computing

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