Ian Ford

“I’m considered a ‘non-traditional’ student. After high school, I knew I wasn’t ready to move forward with my education, so I entered the workforce. To say the “culture shock” of transition back into education was easy would just be a lie. I was used to working for deadlines but it was always structured, so when I entered Vermont Tech and was given all my deadlines upfront and told to “fend for myself” I floundered for a bit. The beginning was rough but with a little time and guidance from my professors I found my stride.”

“I picked my major first. I started my search for Radiology Tech schools and came across Vermont Tech. What can I say? I fell in love. It has everything I wanted: small, local, and successful. I knew before I even started looking I did not want to be just a face in an auditorium, I wanted to know my professors and I wanted my professors to know me. The success rates and ROI of the school is great, and being able to commute instead of having to live on campus is great.”

Ian was drawn to his major because he likes, “working with people and I like working with my hands, so healthcare was a no-brainer. I ended up going with Radiologic Science because of my Aunt who works in the field and loves it, and so far with my clinical hours, I too am loving it.”

Ian’s career goal is to take, “x-rays where ever the road takes me.”

  • School

    Nursing and Health Professions

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  • Hometown

    Shelburne, VT