Francis Dowling

What Francis Dowling loves most about Vermont Tech is spending time talking with his teachers about their experiences, mistakes, and success.

“The most beneficial service the staff at Vermont Tech provides is their advice and honesty about how to apply our classroom ethics and learning styles into our everyday jobs,” says Francis, who is majoring in Applied Business Management. “A perfect example of this is multiple teachers who have owned large companies and shared lessons and mistakes that I can learn from.”

Every chance he gets, Francis spends time talking with teachers and asking for their advice on every aspect of being successful in business—from accounting to law to ethics. “I love how well I know my professors,” he says. “I can go to any given one and pick their brain about a specific profession.”

Francis describes himself as someone who is motivated and innovative who attended a prestigious high school where expectations of students were high. He helped prepare himself for Vermont Tech by networking and marketing himself with professionals in the field of business to help jump-start his career.

As a third-generation dyslexic, Francis consistently pushes himself to succeed.  “I have outstanding motivation and drive to take everything to the next level,” he says. “The truth of the matter is that if your goals don’t scare you, then they haven’t been set high enough.”

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