Dillon Delano

Dillon Delano has been around construction since he was a child, he has always been fascinated with the behind-the-scenes details and the complex systems of buildings. Dillon studied Architectural Engineering Technology at Vermont Tech, and it’s safe to say, it was right where he belongs.

Vermont Tech is an affordable way to get a specialized education where students of all majors get a chance to experience real work in their fields. As an Architectural Engineering Technology major, Dillon knew this would be invaluable.

“I chose Vermont Tech because of the size, affordability, and technical background. I knew that I learned best in smaller classroom settings with more one on one time with the teachers, and I knew that I would flourish in a college with more hands-on learning.”

Dillon is a nontraditional student, meaning he took time off between high school and college to work and travel. Dillon says that these gap years gave him time to grow as a person and that he learned a lot about himself, which later aided him in being a more successful student. His transfer from the working world to college was tough at first.

He says, “It was hard to work myself into the study and homework portion of college after being out of school for a few years, but once I got into the groove again my passion for the subjects took over.”

Like many students, Dillon relied on the drop-in tutoring and his professor’s office hours when he needed extra help. “When I first started at Vermont Tech I needed a little more help with some courses and took advantage of tutoring sessions, they were very helpful. They tend to be small groups or one-on-one sessions so you really get the help you need.”

Thankfully, something clicked, “One of the best memories I have is when I had found out the best way for myself to organize, study, and manage my time to make each class successful.”

Dillon also says that students shouldn’t be afraid of asking questions. “If you don’t understand speak up and just ask, the professors are there to help you learn and give you the resources to do so.”

Dillon says anybody who is curious about how buildings work and enjoys designing should find out more about this major. “A huge plus about this major, for me, is that it gives you multiple career paths to choose from when you graduate.”

Dillon now works for New England Air Systems, and gets to spend a fair amount of time in the office, and on the road. He says his education ties into his work almost daily.

When he isn’t working, you can probably find Dillon mountain biking. He says that it’s a great way to stay in shape and see the beauty of Vermont. He also enjoys target practice and bow hunting.

Dillon was very successful at Vermont Tech. “My experience has brought new light to the time I put into something and how important that is. Your results reflect the effort and attention you put into each class.”

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