Courtney Clark

Courtney was originally looking to become a Vet Tech. She was even accepted into our very selective Veterinary Technology program, but when she toured the Randolph Center Campus with her stepfather, everything changed.

“My stepdad wanted to see about the Fire Science major as I am also a volunteer firefighter in my home department. As we went forwards looking at both majors, I enjoyed being in the fire lab more than anything. After meeting Professor Northern, it was like I was immediately clicked into the major.”
Courtney graduated fromt he Fire Science program in the Spring of 2018 and then enrolled in our Paramedicine Certificate program. As she completes her last semesters of school, she is working part-time in the Vermont Tech Public Safety department.

“I enjoy how small the campus is, it is big enough to make it different but small enough that it reminds me of back home, and there are quite a few things that are extremely cool about the campus like the fact that it is hands on, and the view is spectacular no matter where you go.”

College was a drastic change for Courtney, she realized quickly that college students are expected to be more self-motivated than they were in high school. Courtney is now an RA, President of the Vermont Tech First Responders club, Treasurer of the bowling club, and even participates in a work-study program.

“I definitely enjoyed the moments of being an RA. It was able to get me out of my comfort zone, and I have become friends with so many people because of it.”

She still finds time to study of course and has this to say to new students: “Make time for yourself and focus on your studies. It is good to have fun, but you’re also there to give yourself a better education.”

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    Engineering and Computing

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    New York