Cassandra Frink

“The transition wasn’t as hard for me as I thought it may be. I took a break from college for about 5+ years. I think the only obstacle I have been facing or faced is the work and school balance.”

Cassandra chose Vermont Tech because they have a high placement rate and they are the only school in the area that offers a Radiologic Science program.

“I’ve worked for a chiropractor for nearly 4 years and I got to see a lot of spine x-rays. It only lead me to want to know more and what we were looking for in the image and how they got the image they did. It was super fascinating for me.”

“Once I complete the program I plan to further my studies into a more specific field. I do like more outpatient care for x-rays but I’d like to get into ultrasound.”

Cassandra is currently employed and works per diem as a staffing office specialist at UVMMC. She also works at a prosthetic and orthotic clinic as a receptionist part-time.

“My advice for incoming students is focus and get ahead in areas you can. Ask questions and don’t be afraid if they seem silly. You will only find the answer if you ask the questions.”

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    Nursing and Health Professions

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