Brian Rossier

Brian Rossier worked in construction for four years before deciding to focus on building his career in Vermont Tech’s Construction Management Program.

The North Hero resident credits his job experience with helping him develop a strong work ethic that carries over into his studies. But making the transition from working full time to becoming a college student was far from easy.

“In the beginning, I wasn’t sure if college was going to be something that I could finish. But after completing my first year, I developed the confidence and now know I that I can,” he says. “Once I got into a rhythm here at school, everything went smoothly.”

Brian chose Vermont Tech because of its Construction Management Program, as well as its small size and opportunities for hands-on learning.

His teachers and the Center for Academic Success also provided Brian with the guidance and support he needed. “All of my construction teachers are always more than willing to sit down with me and explain something if I didn’t understand it the first time around,” he says. “Also, the Center for Academic Success helped me when it came to struggles in academic classes, such as math and physics.”

More than anything, Brian knows Vermont Tech will help him succeed.

“Being able to obtain a degree will help me move up the ladder in the construction industry, “ he says. “And Vermont Tech has helped prepare me for that.”

  • School

    Professional Studies and Management

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    North Hero