Bradach Robert

Being homeschooled in high school helped Bradach James Robert prepare for college. The Fire Science major is someone who learns better by doing things hands-on.

“I think homeschooling was very beneficial for me before applying to Vermont Tech,” he says. “As a homeschooled student, everything I did was very hands-on and interactive. I learned by doing, which is exactly what Vermont Tech offers.”

As a student in the state’s only Fire Science college program, Bradach is learning everything from fire behavior and emergency medicine to hazardous materials chemistry and fire prevention.

“I chose Vermont Tech because of their well-known job placement rates for graduates,” he says. “In a degree such as Fire Science, I knew that a college with such a high job placement rate would be beneficial to me and the goals I’m pursuing.”

The small school setting was also appealing for Bradach. “I like having a close-knit circle of friends and being able to recognize a lot of faces on campus,” he says. “I also like being part of a small school because I like the one-on-one connection with the teachers at Vermont Tech. I never feel like I cannot seek out one of my instructors for guidance.”

Vermont Tech’s faculty and instructors often have close connections to the business community, which is helpful for students as they try to find their way in the working world.
“The faculty and staff help you succeed and will guide you through your college career as best they can,” he says. “I think that is exactly what a college should do.”

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