Ari Goldstein

Ari Goldstein has always been a go-getter. This Houston, TX resident is studying Construction Management and says he wants to be successful to make his father and uncle proud. His father supported his decision to go to college.

“The help I had was meeting with my writing tutor who helped me write my college essay, and my father coming with me to Vermont Tech to take a look at it. My father was the one who I was able to talk to about the pros and cons of each university I looked at, and filling out financial papers.”

The ‘pros’ for Vermont Tech? Ari says, “I chose Vermont Tech because of the undergraduate size, overall employment rate after graduation, and being an outdoorsy person, Vermont has a lot of activities to offer all seasons of the year.”

Ari is a senior in the Vermont Tech Construction Practice & Management program, a major he chose for its graduation rate, small classes, and the professional contacts he could make in the construction industry.

Ari has a passion to improve today’s infrastructure and Buildings. He says, “I’ve had this passion ever since I was three years old and every year I’ve learned more about it and gone out of my comfort zone to be out there and be the best person that I could be in my industry.”

Ari attended a college prep school that prepared him well for college. “Transitioning to college was a breeze, I was not worried about anything.”

When he isn’t studying, Ari can be found tutoring other students, offering tours for Admissions, or exploring one of Vermont’s secluded waterholes.

Ari has kept a focused mindset throughout school, and urges others to do the same. “Keep your eye on the ball and never stop learning. If you don’t know everything about something, go out of your comfort zone and learn about it, push yourself.”

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    Professional Studies and Management

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