President’s All College Update: May ’19

05 Jun 2019

Congratulations on reaching the end of the semester (or almost the end, to my PN friends)! We are so excited for this weekend’s ceremonies!


To all our graduating seniors, congratulations! We are so proud of all of you and your efforts to get here. As a preview of my speech coming up this weekend, please represent and remember Vermont Tech now that you are leaving our halls, labs and clinics. You represent the college in the workplaces and communities where you will go, so please remember to do your very best with all the tools, skills and knowledge you have gained.


Registration for the summer and fall 2019 semesters is still available. Don’t forget to register before you leave this semester, so meet with your advisor soon. Resources are available to help you on the recently updated Registrar and Registration web pages.


As is true for most summers, we are tackling a number of improvement projects at the college. The Randolph campus will see repairs to walkways, roadways and retaining walls, along with some maintenance to the electrical high voltage. Conant’s roof is being replaced and we will upgrade the flooring and paint in those classrooms. Keenan’s access control will be upgraded and impact the student room door security while Morrill will have its storefront and windows replaced. Morey is getting new domestic hot water tanks installed. Green hall has a small amount of new flooring going into the electrical lab and there will be boiler upgrades in the Facilities building. As you have heard from Leah Gifford already, the pool tile and plumbing are getting repaired in SHAPE. In Williston, the 200 Building is getting a new roof, the 100 Building is being fit up for our new Radiographic Sciences programs, and there will be access control upgrades campus-wide. We’re excited for the changes we’ll see implemented and are grateful to our crew, so busy over the summer with many improvements in the works.


Wireless access points will be added to rooms at the Nutting and Keenan residence halls. As was completed in Morey over the winter holiday break, these improvements are designed to improve WiFi access in individual rooms. These upgrades are much needed and we are very happy to be completing this important work for the quality of internet access (to Moodle and internet research for Technical Communication papers, we assume) for our student residents.

THANK YOU AND FAREWELL!  In addition to students graduating, we are seeing a number of employees retire or move on to other opportunities. While they know who they are and I have had the chance to thank them for their service, I want to reiterate here how grateful I and the college community is at large for the service you have provided.

Looking forward to a great weekend of celebrations! See you on the President’s lawn!