Sabol Elected Chair of Vermont Board of Professional Engineering

02 Dec 2021

Professor Scott A. Sabol, P.E., of the Architectural and Building Engineering Technology Department at Vermont Technical College, was elected chair of the Vermont Board of Professional Engineering at its October meeting.

The Board, one of many addressing licensure and practice of various professions in Vermont, operates under the auspices of the Secretary of State’s office. Prof. Sabol, a licensed structural Professional Engineer, has been a Board member since 2016 and previously as Secretary to the Board.
Prof. Sabol’s role on the Board allows him to bring first-hand professional-practice information into several courses, including a class on engineering management (where issues of licensure and professional ethics are taught) and another that helps students review for the Fundamentals of Engineering exam (an early step toward licensure as a P.E.).

Sabol, a resident of Northfield, also recently commented on Act 178, passed by the Vermont Legislature in 2020, that requires several licensed professions to become educated on Vermont’s energy goals as a condition of licensure.

“Architectural engineering as a field of study encompasses many aspects of energy efficiency and sustainability, including efficient use of heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems, effective electrical and lighting systems, and knowledge of structural systems as they relate to renewable energy technologies,” he said. “Vermont Tech students, no matter what aspect of building and infrastructure design and evaluation they eventually pursue, will enter the industry already immersed in issues affecting Vermont’s and others’ sustainable energy future.”