Melissa Marcone

“When I went to Vermont Tech it was like a warm, open-arms welcome,” says Melissa Marcone, who was a transfer student from another Vermont college. “I wish I went to Vermont Tech from day one.”

Today this Business Technology and Management graduate is putting her skills to work as a marketing manager at iSystems in South Burlington, Vermont. “I wear a lot of hats, which I love,” she says. “We help our clients and we help our sales team. We provide them the right materials and data insights to push sales and brand awareness.”

“I like being able to give the company a facelift. Being able to be creative – making new materials and a new website. I enjoy conference planning and managing the budget, too.”

One of Melissa’s proudest accomplishments thus far in her career is moving up the ladder at her previous employer. “At MyWebGrocer I started as intern and worked my way up to a supervisory position in digital advertising. They offered me a job before I even graduated,” she says.

Outside of work, Melissa loves spinning classes; she’s even become a certified spin instructor. Thinking back on college, she was especially impacted by two business professors: Joyce Twing and Allan Rodgers. “They just really cared about their students and wanted them to be set up for success,” she says. “For example, we had a business etiquette dinner – and there are times now that I say yes, I know what to do here because of experiences like that.”

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