Bethany Bosch

Bethany Bosch
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Civil & Environmental Engineering Technology

“After swimming the English Channel in 2014, I truly believed I could do anything with myself and my life.  Vermont Tech is one of the ways I am continuing to become the best version of myself.”

Based on her education goals, time, and finances available to her, Bethany knew Vermont Tech would be a perfect fit. She was already a professional in the Civil Engineering world when she came to Vermont Tech. Some of her coworkers are also Vermont Tech Alumni.

“My co-workers who have this degree from Vermont Tech are all capable and well prepared for their duties.  I was impressed by Vermont Tech alumni and thought that the best option for continuing my career would be a degree from Vermont Tech. I have been and continue to be impressed by the people I have met in the professional world who attended Vermont Tech.”

Bethany is currently employed at an engineering consulting firm and her classes are already helping her in her career. One chemistry class she took expanded on techniques and methods she learned in a work training class. “It was so amazing to me how in sync my education was to my career.”

Juggling work and school is no picnic, but Bethany has made it work. 
“Transitioning back into college from the professional world is difficult, but the long-term career benefit of a degree in engineering is worth the sacrifice.”

Bethany still finds time to stay active and go swimming, she even coaches a fitness swimming class at the SHAPE facility on the Randolph Center Campus. She encourages all students, staff and community members to try her class. Check the fitness calendar for class times and offerings.