September 3 Update on the COVID-19 Coronavirus

03 Sep 2020

September 3, 2020

Vermont Tech is now including its testing information on the college website for transparency and ease of access to these data. The institution is mandated to report out on dates defined by the State, and will also update this information as additional students return to campus for lab weeks. Due to that plan, there will be weeks throughout the semester when this information is static. However, the reporting period dates will always be updated when new information is available.

The college is including student data in its reporting and bifurcating the results by residential and non-residential students. Among non-residential student populations are commuters, residential students only staying on campus for lab weeks and those that are learning completely remotely.

As of September 3, the college has four positive cases. The first incident was a residential student that moved into campus on August 12 and was given a test that day. That “day zero” test came back positive and the student was moved to isolation on campus. The isolation period has ended and the student continues to be asymptomatic.

The remaining positive cases are among non-residential students, of which two are learning remotely exclusively. Their isolation periods are both complete. The one commuting student that tested positive is currently isolating and contact tracing is complete.  They will not return to in person class until cleared by the Vermont Department of Health.

In total, the college has received 308 test results, of which 104 are from residential students. Of the 42 tests that were performed on August 12, 41 were negative. The 41 tests that were administered for residential students on August 19 were all negative. The 54 tests that were administered Welcome Weekend were negative, as were the follow tests administered to this same group on day seven of their residence on campus. Students have provided negative tests in order to be allowed to move into campus or begin in-person lab work.

As more students return to one of our campuses for in-person labs and more tests are received, this chart will be updated. Please feel free to check back weekly for new data.

Reporting Period: August 12-September 3, 2020

Chart of student testing as of September 3, 2020. 308 received with 304 negative and four positive.