Alice L. Haltom Educational Fund

Alice L. Haltom’s firm belief that quality is the cornerstone to positive progress guides the Trustees of the Fund in awarding financial resources.  Careful consideration is given to requests for research grants, seminar support or other projects expected to increase and disseminate knowledge in information and records management.


Statement of Eligibility

  • Students who are citizens of U.S. or Canada and actively pursuing an education for a career in information and records management are eligible for a scholarship from the Fund.
  • The scholarship amount for a student enrolled in a four-year program or Graduate School is $2,000.  Students enrolled in a two-year program are eligible for $1,000.
  • The number of scholarships to be awarded per school year shall be determined by the Fund Trustees.

Application Details

Scholarship Application Guidelines

  • Applicants must submit the scholarship application form and 200-300 word essay describing how your educational pursuits will benefit your career in records and information management and how it will support and add value to an organization.
  • Three (3) letters of recommendation are required from employers, instructors or individuals qualified to attest to the applicant’s character.
  • A copy of the most current school transcript and degree plan must be provided.

Scholarship Timelines

  • Applicants for the Alice L. Haltom Educational Fund Scholarship must be submitted by May 1 the year of the funding.
  • Notifications of scholarship awards will be made in July.

Scholarship Accountability

  • Awarded funds will be disbursed by the Fund upon written proof of enrollment in an accredited institution.
  • Receipts for tuition, fees, books, etc., up to the amount of the scholarship award, will be presented by the recipient to the Executive Director of the Funds as soon as the receipts are available.
  • Grades for the school year for which funds were awarded will be sent to the Executive Director of the Fund as soon as the grades are available.  If grades are not received 60 days after term, a 1099 will be generated and sent to the IRS for income tax purposes.

Apply online or download application here.