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Entrepreneurship is a valuable skill set for everyone, not just business majors. The world of business is changing, owning a service shop or a business today is a totally different ball game than it was 25 years ago. For Vermont Tech students, the combination of an applied technical skill like Engineering or Automotive Technologies and an entrepreneurial knowledge-base will be a big asset in today’s economy.

Vermont Tech offers new pathways for entrepreneurial success. Through a combination of business planning and entrepreneurship courses, students with any Vermont Tech 2-year degree can enhance their education and gain the skills associated with starting their own business or pursuing a career in a start-up enterprise.

Depending on your major and interests, you can complete a minor or concentration in entrepreneurship or a specialization in small business planning. View the curriculum to learn more about each program

The Business Technology & Management department offers a minor or concentration in Entrepreneurship and a specialization in Small Business Planning.

A minor is a secondary area of interest that often complements a major or it may be a completely different area of study which serves to balance the student’s educational experience and life preparation. A student who satisfies the minor requirements for their area of major study may earn a concentration. Although not a degree requirement of the college, minors and concentrations allow students to group related courses into an organized field of study. Minors require a minimum of 18 credits of related study and a minimum GPA of 2.0 for those credits.

There are no limits to the number of minors that a student may earn. Students apply for a minor in their junior year or by permission of the host department. Students may take courses related to the minor prior to their junior year provided they meet the course requirements. Applying for a minor requires completion of a Declaration of Intention to Complete a VTC Minor form and good academic standing. Graduates of Vermont Tech with a bachelor’s degree may not earn a minor.

Entrepreneurship Minor

In this minor for non-Business bachelor’s degree majors, students must take the following courses. No more than 9 credits of the minor may be applied to the major degree requirements.

BUS 2041    Foundations of Entrepreneurship        3

BUS 2210    Small Business Management                3

BUS 3041    Applied Entrepreneurship                     3

BUS 3230    Principles of Financial Management    3

BUS 3721    Business Planning Seminar                    3

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ACC 1020   Survey of Accounting                            3

ACC 2121    Financial Accounting                             3

Entrepreneurship Concentration

In this concentration for Business bachelor’s degree majors, students must take the courses in the previous table. No more than 9 credits of the minor may be applied to the major degree requirements.

Small Business Planning Specialization

In this specialization (open to all students including non-degree), students must take the following courses. All credits may be applied toward graduation requirements.

BUS 2210     Small Business Management               3

BUS 3230    Principles of Financial Management    3

BUS 3721     Business Planning Seminar                    3

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ACC 1020    Survey of Accounting                            3

ACC 2121     Financial Accounting                            3

Sean Connolly

  • I am a veteran, father, and husband
  • Vermont Tech is very veteran friendly
  • My degree offers a wide array of career options
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Mallory Walling

  • I found my niche at Vermont Tech.
  • I love the small class sizes.
  • Faculty and staff truly care about me.
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Sarah Day

  • I pursued my second degree at Vermont Tech.
  • I am a mom.
  • I enjoyed study abroad opportunities in Italy and Greece.
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Brya Emery

  • I attended VAST
  • I have worked in admissions for colleges across the state
  • There is no 'typical' day at my job
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