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Sustainability Fellowships are among the Core Programs of the Center for Sustainable Practices. Fellows are appointed to a one-year position working for the CSP after graduating from VT Technical College baccalaureate degree program. They work a part-time schedule ranging from 24 to 32 hours per week for which they receive a stipend. In addition, Fellows receive free housing in a dorm room and a complimentary meal plan through the campus food service. Fellows may seek additional work opportunities on campus as long as the commitment can be integrated with their primary responsibility to the Center for Sustainable Practices. Serving as a teaching assistant through the Academic Dean's  office, tutoring through the Center for Academic Success, or an additional assignment contract for a specific project that is funded through a grant or departmental budget are typical options.

Candidates for Fellowships receive recommendation to the College President by faculty whenever a position becomes available - typically during their final spring semester as an undergraduate student. While most Fellowships are for a single year's work, exceptions may be made for a longer duration when appropriate to project work. Each Fellowship supports the interests and strengths of the candidate chosen through assignment of a special project that is in addition to ongoing programmatic work of the CSP. Additionally, each Fellow is exposed to and has opportunities to participate in training, professional development opportunities and course offerings at VT Tech. Through this unique position, Fellows are exposed to new, professional experiences attending conferences, serving on committees as representatives of the College, attending special events as emissaries of VT Tech, and collaborating on external projects integral to the College's statewide mission. About Us

A typical Fellowship includes the following:

  • Coordinate and administer the CSP's annual film and lecture offerings, discussion courses, and environmental awareness efforts and special events.
  • Educate students, faculty, and staff about sustainability using CSP tools. Provide training to incoming and returning students in ongoing behavioral change efforts designed to achieve increased energy efficiency, reduce fossil fuel consumption, and increase or demonstrate environmental best practices. Serve as a college-wide resource for questions/issues regarding sustainable practices through various means, including in-person interaction, Web-based communications tools, and appropriate marketing/communications materials.
  • Work with students to develop, monitor, keep up-to-date and report College progress on VT Tech's commitment to the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) Sustainability Tracking Assessment & Rating System (STARS).
  • Assist departments such as Admissions, Placement, Alumnae Relations, and others in promoting VT Tech by representing the College's accomplishments and offerings related to sustainability at workshops, conferences, fairs, and other special events that reach out to external audiences.
  • As appropriate and when fits with the annual CSP work plan and the Continuing Education Department's schedule, teach one or more trainings in areas of sustainable practice during the year.
  • Serve as one of the College's representatives to the Northeast Campus Sustainability Network.
  • Assume responsibility for portions of the CSP Web site or Internet presence as assigned by the CSP Director. 
For more information, contact the Director for the Center for Sustainable Practices. About Us.