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Eastman Benz Donates Reflow Oven to Benefit Vermont Tech Students Studying Electronics

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March 4, 2013 — Eastman Benz, a strategic research and development partner and laboratory to growth companies in the energy, manufacturing, medical and technology industries, has donated a reflow oven to Vermont Technical College. A reflow oven is a machine used primarily for reflow soldering of surface mount electronic components to printed circuit boards.

This reflow oven will allow students to quickly and easily solder small scale components to new circuit boards,” said Professor Andre St. Denis, who teaches electrical and computer technology. “It will provide a critical, hands-on learning experience for our students who will soon join the workforce in the fast-growth field of consumer electronics.”

A large percentage of modern electronics comes in surface mount packaging. These packages and their wire leads are very small and nearly impossible to solder using traditional techniques, such as a soldering iron. Most modern consumer products (for example, iPods, tablets, digital cameras, automotive electronics) are assembled with these sorts of parts so it is important that Vermont Tech students studying electronics master the related skills.

Currently, Vermont Tech has a ProtoMat S62 PCB mill, which allows students to rapidly prototype a circuit board, including boards with surface mount components. The donated reflow oven will be a valuable tool to show what is used in industry to handle the assembly of typical, modern circuit boards.

Vermont Tech was critical to the formation of the business I co-own today,” said Dan Eastman, a Vermont Tech graduate. “Karl Benz, my business partner and also a Vermont Tech graduate, and I decided to donate the reflow oven to Vermont Tech out of gratitude for the applied education in electronics that has played such a major role in our success.”

Eastman Benz, based in Winooski, Vermont, is in the business of making each client’s product vision and proof of concept happen through creative, cost-effective engineering, innovation, and manufacturing services for profitable business continuity and competitive advantage. The company works with local technology businesses to build printed circuit board and electro-mechanical proto-type assemblies or low volume production technology products. More information can be found at

About Vermont Technical College – Vermont Technical College is the only public institution of higher learning in Vermont whose mission is applied education. One of the five Vermont State Colleges, Vermont Tech serves students from throughout Vermont, New England, and beyond at its two primary campuses in Williston and Randolph Center, and at nine nursing campuses located throughout the state. Our academic programs encompass a wide range of engineering, agricultural, health, and business fields that are vital to producing the knowledge workers need most by employers in the state and in the region.