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Professor Carol Hodges Appointed President of Vermont State Nurses’ Association

Tuesday, October 30, 2012
Carol Hodges, a clinical associate professor with Vermont Technical College’s Nursing Program, has been named president of the Vermont State Nurses’ Association (VSNA) for 2012-2013. VSNA, with more than 300 members, has been the voice of Vermont’s registered nurses since 1914. Through VSNA, registered nurses can be involved in decisions related to the profession of nursing: health care, practice, and workplace legislation; practice standards and ethics; and workplace issues including occupational health and safety.
“Like other professional sectors, we need to address the time and money concerns that are barriers for nurses who need to stay up to date with the latest advances in medicine and care,” says Hodges, a St. Johnsbury resident who has more than 20 years practical experience in hospital, home health, and primary care environments. “I often hear that nurses don’t belong to VSNA because of the expense. A dual membership with the American Nursing Association and VSNA is only $22 a month, and a VSNA only membership is just $99 a year. Nurses need to attend conferences and professional networking meetings. Continuing education and patient outcomes go hand in hand.”

As an educator, Hodges emphasizes that student nurses need to understand the importance and empowerment of belonging to a professional organization. VSNA’s membership is comprised of only registered nurses, but Hodges would like to see VSNA expand its offerings to other types of nursing professionals and reach out to future professionals while they are still in school. 

“I’d like to make stronger connections between VSNA members and our up-and-coming members who are currently students. We also need to reach out and provide mentoring and support to Licensed Practical Nurses and Licensed Nursing Assistants,” said Hodges.

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