Tyler Wright

Tyler Wright was drawn to early college. During his junior year of high school he researched the local early college offerings and discovered Vermont Tech’s VAST (Vermont Academy of Science and Technology) program. He immediately knew it was a fit, “I chose Vermont Tech because it was the best college offering an early enrollment program. I looked at the cost of tuition of Vermont Tech compared to other schools, I also looked their return on investment compared to other nearby schools. Vermont Tech was by far the best option.”

He was accepted to the VAST program and successfully completed his senior year of high school and first year of college simultaneously. Tyler started in the Mechanical Engineering program, earned his Associate degree, and continued his education majoring in Mechanical Engineering, a Bachelor’s of Science program with a 100% placement rate. Tyler chose these programs because he loves solving puzzles and learning how things work.

One of his favorite classes was CNC with Jeremy Cornwall, a class he recommends every Vermont Tech engineering student take, “Jeremy is a great teacher and makes effort to push you to perform well, it is a well thought out, and highly rewarding class.”

Tyler’s advice to any and all high school juniors considering early college, “If you’re serious about your future, Vermont Tech is the best. I don’t mean to sound like a commercial, but near 100% job placement rates for the last few years, and the number one rated school for your return on investment, those stats make it hard not to consider Vermont Tech as your school of choice.”

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    Engineering and Computing

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