Trevor Best

Trevor Best tried a couple different paths before discovering his aptitude for electronics. After realizing the high cost of tuition and narrow career options offered by programs from some out-of-state schools, his parents recommended he check out Vermont Tech.

“My dad and step-mother both graduated from the EET program at Vermont Tech, and they suggested I look at a technology-related major there.” Trevor graduated from the Electrical Engineering Technology program in 2009. He is now employed as an Electronics Engineering Technician for Creare (an R&D Engineering Services firm in Hanover, NH).

Trevor says that he works on anywhere from 5-8 projects at a time and revels in the variety of tasks he gets to do on a daily basis.

“To support such a wide range of project needs, I do a bit of everything. I put together prototype circuits based on the needs of the project and provide practical design feedback. I capture schematics, design Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), generate fabrication packages, and interface with board houses to make said PCBs. I also inspect PCBs as they come in from the board house, make test fixtures and cable harnesses, conduct testing on the electronics, and troubleshoot problems as they arise. I’m always learning something new, always expanding my engineering toolbox.”

Before coming to Vermont Tech, Trevor says he had never picked up a soldering iron or diagnostic multimeter (DMM) tool. He says that the lab time provided by his program was instrumental in preparing him for his career.

“For me, the labs were what made everything click. You could construct a circuit based on the theory learned in the classroom and compare your math to your measurements on a DMM or scope, tweaking values and observing their effects along the way. There was also a collaborative environment in the lab, where if some folks were struggling with a concept or a specific circuit, others could jump in and provide feedback on wiring, polarity of components, et cetera.”

Trevor also appreciated his professors for their real-world industry experience, “Alan Ricketts, in particular, had a wealth of industry knowledge and was able to point me to several potential places of employment. He and Ralph Esposito were also able to provide professional references, which I felt were very beneficial as a ‘green’ candidate.”

“Every day is a little different at Creare.” Trevor has been employed with Creare since 2015 and likes that he gets to do a wide range of things every day.

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