Schneida Bruny

Schneida Bruny credits her education at Vermont Tech with giving her a competitive advantage in today’s job market.

Schneida, who graduated in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in Business Technology and Management, says she learned how to be a leader and a team player at Vermont Tech, something that has served her well in the workplace.​

“I can confidently say that employers appreciate the broad, yet strong knowledge of the different aspects of a business that the Business Technology and Management program at Vermont Tech gave me,” she says. “The advantage and disadvantage of earning a business degree is that you have so many options for a career.”

Since graduating, Schneida has worked as an assistant manager in the hospitality and tourism industry and recently accepted a job at Vermont Tech’s Admissions Office.

“Not only did the curriculum for the Business Technology and Management Program give me a greater understanding of my field and the skills needed to succeed in my career, but the different offices where I was able to work gave me a taste of the workplace and allowed me to test and develop those skills,” she says. “As an international student, working off campus was not an easy option for me. The fact that Vermont Tech opens so many positions for students is definitely a plus.”

Schnedia says her best memories at Vermont Tech happened outside of the classroom—a college trip to Germany during her sophomore year, playing soccer and traveling out-of-state with her teammates during senior year, outings with the other tour guides, training sessions with the Mixed Martial Arts Club, events with the Multicultural Club, and time spent with her closest friends.

She points out that building relationships and networking is extremely important in college.

“Get involved in the different campus activities, establish relationships with your teachers and peers, and start building your network. Your teammate, floor mate, teacher, or the financial aid specialist might be the one to tell you about your dream job, become your future business partner, or buy a house that you are selling,” she says. “Networking is extremely important and needs to start while in college, not only after graduation; on LinkedIn.”

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  • Hometown

    Port-au-Prince, Haiti

  • Campus Activities

    Admissions Tour Guide, Student Orientation Leader, Women’s Soccer, Tutor: Financial Accounting, President: Multicultural Club