Trent & Abby Roleau

Meet Trent and Abby Roleau, owners of the Gateway Farm in Bristol, and proud Vermont Tech alumni. Trent and Abby graduated in 2011. Trent with a Bachelor in Diversified Agriculture, and Abby as part of the 2 + 2 Dairy Farm Management program with UVM.

Vermont Tech’s faculty, practical learning, and small class sizes played a major role in the Roleau’s success. Abby explains, “My experience at Vermont Tech was life-changing. I had professors at VTC who cared, they really cared… The whole time I was at VTC, it was just an uplifting confidence booster for me.”

Trent and Abby spent a summer working together on the Vermont Tech dairy farm with 7 other students. They knew they wanted to be together forever, and were married after graduation.

In 2014, they purchased the 350 acre Gateway Farm in Bristol. Together, they’re raising four children, running a sugar house, keeping beef cows and pigs, and utilizing sustainable management methods to ensure a healthier future.

The couple has been featured in SevenDays and on the front page of the Boston Globe. They’re happy to share their story, promote agricultural life, and explain their vision of expanding the farm. Community is at the center of their vision, and they plan to develop the farm to provide agricultural education opportunities for local communities.

The Roleau’s are grateful for their time at Vermont Technical College, and are putting their education into practice. From the animal science courses, to the management, marketing, and accounting classes, each has played a vital role in their journey at the Gateway Farm.

As stated on their website, “Two farm kids fell in love…” and we’re happy Vermont Technical College could be a part of their story.

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